TSX-V: IPG $0.06 + 0.01 Gold $US 1,803.32oz -0.38 Silver $US 18.89oz + 0.23 Copper $US 2.88lb

An Emerging Québec Metals Explorer

Enabling a Greener and Cleaner Environment

Critical to Automotive Lightweighting

Cu / Ag / Au / Zn / Nb / Sc
Rare Earths


July 2020 Presentation

What's New

Q&A with Peter Cashin, President & CEO of Imperial Mining Group Ltd. Part 2


What's New

CHF Newsletter on Imperial Mining, by Ron Wortel


Fact Sheet

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Imperial Mining

Imperial Mining Group Ltd. is a new and dynamic multi-metal exploration and deposit development company. Imperial was formed by the roll-in of the Québec gold and copper-zinc properties of NQ Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: NQE) with the technology metals project (scandium / niobium / tantalum / rare earths) of Peak Mining Corporation.

Tech Metals Markets

Technology metals, namely scandium, in the new generation of lightweight aluminum alloys, will replace conventional metals for the aerospace, automotive and defense industries. Their use is projected to increase substantially in the near future.


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